Some people are so talented, it’s just not fair. That seems to be the case with Emmanuel Lubezki, perhaps the best cinematographer in the world, who also happens to be a fantastic photographer (the two, of course, are very closely related).

A cinematographer, also called a director of photography, is responsible for how a film looks on screen. If you’ve ever noticed that a film was especially pleasing to the eye, or that certain shots were positioned in interesting ways, it’s most likely the result of some crafty cinematography. And Lubezki, a Mexican who won the Oscar for best cinematography two years in a row (for Gravity and Birdman), and should have won it in 2006 for Children of Men (video), is a master of the camera lens.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that he has an amazing Instagram.

A sleuthy Reddit user noticed that Lubezki’s Instagram account is filled with extraordinary photos he has taken while shooting films. Many…

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