Alicia Paz is a marvellous artist from Mexico, her artwork explores the femenine universe, working with several techniques. She has recieved many awards and she has exhibited in many countries in the world. She was in the last SUMMA art fair in Madrid with the “Gallery Dukan”. Duas could speak with her, and this is what she told us.

Alicia_Paz_Death_Mask_2013 “Death Mask.” 2013. Alicia Paz

Many artists are autodidact. In your case, how did you startwith your artistic training?
My artistic training is a mix of many different experiences, autodidacts and formal/academics. I always like drawing and painting, and when I was a child in the school I spent hours making projects for art class, and I did them more complex and ambitious than it was needed. Monterrey, the place where I was raised, is a very industrial city where there weren’t that many museums or art galleries by that…

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