Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.44.11 PMYou can really see where David Hua’s food blogger cred shines with his new medical marijuana startup Meadow. In the app, there is just close-up after close-up of bud.

That’s because as a longtime medical marijuana user, he has an almost weed sommelier-like care and taste in finding quality product.

His new company Meadow lets medical marijuana users quickly order and receive medical marijuana in less than an hour through a mobile app.

Meadow and other startups like Eaze are emerging as the United States undergoes a rapid shift in cultural attitudes and regulation around marijuana. Since the 1970s, about 37 states have liberalized marijuana laws by either allowing medical usage, full legalization or through decriminalization. The New York Times, whose editorial board finally called for legalization over the summer, says that this is a “watershed year” for legalization with half of the states in the country deciding on relaxing prohibitive laws.

With proof that other on-demand service startups seem to be working…

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