Amazing Alice Munro


Canadian literature is famous in North America and in some parts of Europe, especially in UK and France, but why is it so famous? Maybe it is for its writers, books or festivals? This question and other questions will be answered below.
Canadian literature has a bit of humour, irony and satire. Also it is usual to find certain Anti-Americanism against United States exposed as satire, malice and rivalry. This Anti-Americanism generally is expressed by playwrights; however in this country any playwright is really famous.
Furthermore, in Canada there is a rich oral literature in Amerindian and Inuit languages, both languages are patrimonies of several aboriginal nations that live in the Canadian territory. It is important to mention that a lot of ethnic pieces of literature have been lost, since the eleven groups of aboriginal languages that exist in Canada only the Cree, Inuktitut, and Ojibwa have a…

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