Quantcast is announcing that it has acquired Struq, a London-based company that offers cross-device retargeting and personalization for advertisers.

Quantcast may be best known for its data about Internet traffic, but it seems to have built a thriving ad business as well.

The company’s announcement emphasizes the ways in which Struq technology can expand Quantcast’s ad platform, in part because Quantcast’s ad products and Struq’s have different targets: Quantcast focuses on helping businesses find new customers, while Struq’s technology helps those businesses reconnect with potential customers who have already shown an interest in their products. (Struq targets and personalizes the ads shown to those customers based on where someone is in the “conversion funnel.”)

“Combining Quantcast’s unrivaled data about online user behavior with our ad personalization technology will lead to a deeper understanding of users and enable us to more effectively personalize an ad to them,” said Struq…

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