A.D. JVMMXII: Orbis Terrarum Judicii Dei: Coronvm Universvm Espiritv Santv.

™General Dynamics Incorporated.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit - Aerospace and Aviation - Eurocopter photograph courtesy of Wired.com

July 17 2014 Staff  Biography Notes:  A glimpse into the life of the Owner of General Dynamics the Founder of Angelcraft Crown Incorporated https://generaldynamicsincorporated.wordpress.com/  by the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit

Avionics: Weapons Operational Remote Programs and strategy games.

One of my most favorite movies as a young man was War Games and Buehler’s  Day Off.

In hindsight I see the metaphor of Buehler’s day Off that Royal must take time to have some fun once in a while.  So should you the Princess and the Princesses of this earth.

Go Hiking or to a nice lake for a picnic or to fish.  Relaxing and getting in touch with nature is the best way to forget about technology and modernization for a day and remember your earth and your creator.

In hindsight of my life, my frustration os a Boy was wanting my own Father early in my…

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