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Hey Jona, how’s it going? I’m Jonty, thanks for chatting with Play Hard Reviews.
How you going mate?

Yeah pretty well. Just to start off, you teased us last year with ‘Memento Vivere’ and decided on the massive Australian ‘Rampage’ and ‘Weekend Warriors’ tours instead of releasing any more material, what was the basis of that decision?

Basically we hadn’t written much more music than a couple of songs, so we didn’t have all the material ready for the album. But it’d already been a long time since we’d released anything, so we decided to record a demo version of a new song, in this case ‘Memento’, and sort of put that out there with a live video we’d put together. We just hoped that would tide over the fans a little bit before we actually had a chance to get into the studio and finish the writing and recording.

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