A book to read

Katherine Ryalen

in-the-fall-book-cover In the Fall , Jeffrey Lent’s debut novel, follows the course of the Pelham family across three generations. It is an addictive tale, one that draws readers in and fosters within them a deep affinity for the characters and their lives. It may best be described as a humble novel—but one with epic grandeur.

Leah Mebane is a young slave girl on the run from her master’s home in Sweetboro, North Carolina at the end of the civil war. On her way north she meets Norman Pelham, a wounded Union soldier whom she nurses back to health. A meeting that can almost be described as love at first sight, Norman brings Leah home to his family’s farm in Vermont as his bride. Their love and devotion to one another is played out for many years despite the prejudice surrounding the contrasting colors of their skin. But even though their marriage…

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