self mastery by definition

Self Mastery Defined

Self-mastery is a long process that requires skill, techniques, knowledge, experience, et cetera in order to complete the requirement of human beings. Complete is somewhat symbolic however, because it takes a lifetime to build such skills to its entirety. Still, you can build a good measure of self-mastery skills throughout your lifetime. Don’t let lifetime hold you back. In other words, avoid thinking that “I have a lifetime to complete my mission.” Instead, continue working each day to build your self-mastery skills. It is in your best interest.

Self Realization

When you build self-mastery skills, you will come to a level of realization and self-actualization. This is the highest level of development. Of course, you can go beyond, but when you reach this point, you will be in (near) complete control of your emotions, mental processes, and behaviors. It moves you into a professionalism state of mind, which brings…

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