By Victor Munguia

Winning or losing
is a fact not to be considered

Things happen cause
Must be like that
No because We want it

Hopes and prayers
won’t change your life
Somebody wrote your destiny
There is nowhere to run

Everyday will be the same
If that giant screenwriter
Doesn’t want to change it.

Defiant, fearless, steel man ,
I walk throughout my fate
No bad memories
No fantasy nights

Hear me?
I’m the song you never sang
The face you always remember
that dream you don’t dream
Anymore, no more.

Winning or losing is a fact
I will take as it is
I have no wounds in my heart
No days I wish to live again.

Everything has been written
By someone long before I came
To walk these streets
To be part of its routine

Nothing to claim
No missing kisses
No pending goals
Not a…

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