Queen Of Foxes

I know, I know, yes.

Spring is coming over and this wont be a very comfortable piece of clothing due to the boiling weather that is coming up here in Córdoba. But I am an autumn girl.

I love capes. Love them irrationaly. Chic and lovely. They just improve any look in a second. Just jeans and a sweater and a cape and you are good to go anywhere feeling elegant, cool and warm.

Burberry is one of my favourite brands. Not that I have anything from this brand. The closest I have been to a Burberry piece of clothing was a scarf with the signature square pattenr. Of maybe it does count the countless times I have visited their shop in Regent’s Street. Going there for my was like Holly Golightly going to Tiffany. Ah! Felt so good.

I was lucky enough to be in London and have a…

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