Tableau Software would like some more, please. The company, less than a year after its IPO that spiked 64 percent in its first day, plans to sell $345 million in Class A shares to the public.

Here’s what’s fun: That sum is greater than what the company raised in its IPO. That total, $254 million, now all but feels quaint compared to the new, coming cash.

This is not even the first time that the company has gone back to the markets since its public offering, though its previous re-collect was for extant shareholders, and not the mother firm. As GeekWire reported:

[The new offering] follows a secondary offering in October, though in that instance the company did not reap any cash from the stock sale, as it was primarily connected to existing stockholders.

So that was for liquidity, and now the company is playing for keeps.

It’s not rare…

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