Zara is no doubt one of the major players when it comes to quality, on trend dressing at a fraction of the price (it is listed on Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands list). Although I must admit that as much as the industry is enamored by the offerings of the label, I always seem to have a love hate relationship with it. For one, yes Zara’s efficient distribution channel allows it to churn out designer-inspired pieces just weeks after they’re shown on the runway but the pieces sometimes feel a little too similar to their designer counterparts and that gives me the impression that Zara is a glorified knockoff retailer. Like when Marc Jacobs designed the appliqued, pastel coloured skirts and shell tops for Louis Vuitton and BAM! a few weeks after, the exact (well, from afar at least) same thing appeared on the ZARA mannequins. Don’t get me…

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