Guest post by   Josh Haynam

It’s one thing to come up with good content shutterstock 155271806 300x145 10 Endless Sources of Content Ideas for Your Small Business Blogideas, but sometimes you need to rely on outside sources to find inspiration for another post. Don’t worry about not having a topic on the tip of your tongue; there are ‘wells’ of great concepts that never dry up and your small business blog visitors will thank you for them!

  1. Reading books – (Hacker news and TechCrunch don’t count): 8-time billionaire Richard Branson is famous for being caught with a book open, and he’s not ashamed. In fact, he attributes much of his creativity to the ideas that are found in books. Complex plots, character development, and triumph are all story elements that make great articles.
  2. Attending events – talk with real people in person, not on the internet. Whenever you put a bunch of people from one profession into a confined space, interesting things are sure…

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