Allie Esiriconceived and co-created recently the great and beautiful “The Love Book” app in which you can enjoy some of the most beautiful classic and contemporary poems, letters and prose on the always intriguing and exciting theme of love. Some of them, reading by Gina Bellman, Helena Bonhan Carter, Damien Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Helen McCory and Emma Watson. Now, this application has gone further and has turned into this lovely book.

“The Love Book” is just what its name reflects: A book full of words dedicated to love, guided by the hands of such extraordinary writers in the English language such as William Shakespeare, E.E. Cummings, T.S.Elliot, Emily Dickinson, Scott Fitzgerald, etc. With a delicate, sober and delicious illustration both on the cover and inside, this splendid collection will plunge you into the talents of some authors who managed to give such a valuable thing called love much more…

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