The Blog is a community of diverse bloggers. We realize this every day when we read posts covering so many different topics.

Our community is strikingly diverse in other important ways. Did you know that almost a third of the people visiting our blogs are reading non-English posts and pages — content written in more than 100 other languages? Menu in 7 Languages

We are truly lucky to have so many translation volunteers — users who’ve been passionately translating since we launched our first community translation platform in 2006. With their collective effort, thousands of strings and millions of words have been translated into dozens of languages.

Why do you contribute?

We recently asked our top translation contributors what motivates them to help out with this important work.

Many of them named the collaborative spirit around as the main reason. Mariano Pérez, from Spain, summarized it very simply: “Community, community, community.”

Sekander Badsha

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