Your wrist is a hotly contested new battleground, with a small fry like Pebble doing battle with giants including Samsung, and activity trackers like the Jawbone UP and Nike+ FuelBand fighting it out, too. A new Kickstarter project also wants to be a contender, with the Carbon wearable solar charger.

The project debuted a couple of weeks ago, with a blank-faced wrist-mounted charger that had a simple solar panel and could collect sunlight and generate around three hours of extra talk time for smartphones with its onboard 800 mAh battery and USB output. But the device, while cool and definitely handy if you’re in need of a bit of emergency juice, wasn’t super practical as a wristborne tool, if only because it originally lacked the ability to tell time.

A new update to the project adds a watchface to the Carbon, however, after EnergyBionics gathered feedback from their supporters…

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