If you search a nice beach in the city of Cartagene you will have some difficulties. But everybody tells you that the best beach ever is very close by, if you book a very touristic and expensive one day boat trip.
After such a long time in Southamerica we have learned how to find a cheaper and more exciting way and went by local bus, ferry, truck and did the last part walking at 30 degrees with our huge backpacks.
Chris actually really went on the truck, together with the drivers friend and some Argentinian backpackers. Best view ever, but a very hot space…
CIMG1991 (1)
It took us some hours and a lot of sweat but the beach was really nice the first hours.
But then at round 11:00 a lot of boats arrive and bring tourists. These tourists are eating for about 2 hours and then they come to the…

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