What to watch for today

Ukraine teeters between Europe and Russia.  Acting president Oleksander Turchinov meets with EU leaders in Kiev to discuss economic assistance, following a weekend of political upheaval (see below).  The United States and EU are trying to put together a financial bailout package without antagonizing Russia, which has a major military presence in the country.

Italy approves its latest prime minister. Matteo Renzi, the third consecutive Italian prime minister to be appointed, not elected, will outline his policies and face a vote of confidence after being sworn in on Saturday.

Greece appeals to its creditors, meeting with its troika of international lenders to discuss economic reforms in the hopes of unlocking another round of financial aid (paywall) without having to make new spending cuts.

HSBC’s oversize profits. Europe’s biggest bank is expected to report  a sharp climb in full-year profits to $35.15 billion, along with a…

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